Can Somebody Please.

05 Feb 2014

Can Somebody Please

A few months ago I began working on a fun weekend project titled, Can Somebody Please. The concept was to have a SSW (Single Serve Website) which would aggregate Tweets that contained the phrase “Can Somebody Please.” My goal was to create a website which would allow users to (hopefully) help Twitter users by fulfilling their (sometimes outrageous) requests, and in doing so create a narrative.

Using the Twitter Search API (v.1.1) I was able to filter Tweets which were not part of a conversation, or began with hashtags. Twitter provides a very detailed outline for their search API here. By pinging the Twitter servers at regular intervals, I am able to collect relevant Tweets and archive them on Tumblr’s servers (free!).

The first step was to create a basic layout for the site. Since this would be a SSW I wanted to create a very minimal, yet visually appealing website. Black and White are the main colours, however I want to add some hints of colour throughout the site to keep things interesting.

Here is the wireframe design that I created in Photoshop:


To keep things somewhat organized, I began working on a way to categorize tweets. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was the obvious choice, as the categories Maslow outlines are fairly detailed and easily understandable. Using keyword search (food/love/hug/text etc.) I am able to search through the archived Tweets and tag them accordingly.

Last but not least, a dear friend suggested that I include keyboard shortcuts to further enhance user interaction. Unlike traditional keyboard shortcuts, I chose to use the J/K/L combination due to the natural position of the hands on the keyboard.

Check it out here

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> I am a creative software developer and product designer from Toronto, Canada. I have experience designing, building and testing robust microservice enterprise applications for IoT platforms, desktop/mobile applications, and AR/VR experiences, all using modern tech-stacks. I enjoy modern art, Formula One, green tea and play tennis in my spare time.

> JavaScript + Node, Typescript, Ruby + ROR, GoLang, GraphQL, RabbitMQ, SocketIo, VueJs, Webpack, Nightwatch, Rspec, Selenium, Capybara, Intern, Jenkins, HTML5, Slim, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap/Foundation/Chocolate, Source Code Management (GIT + SVN), Bower, Yarn, NPM, Unity3D, Open Frameworks, Processing, MAX MSP, VPT7, Adobe Creative Suite, Autocad, Revit, Oculus Rift, META SpaceGlass.

Other Interests
-Formula One

Email: [email protected]
Github: imRohan
Dribbble: imRohan
LinkedIn: rohan-likhite
Twitter: @rohanlikhite
Medium: @RohanLikhite

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