Bootstrap Workshop.

26 Mar 2014

Workshop Files

Welcome to the online portfolio workshop!

If you have stumbled upon this page and are not taking part in my little workshop, feel free to download the files and try out Bootstrap.

Download Workshop Files here

Download Keynote here

1. bash

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>I am a Javascript developer currently working in Toronto, Canada. I have experience designing, building and testing enterprise applications for the web as well as for desktop/mobile platforms, and AR/VR headsets. I enjoy modern art, Formula One, green tea and play tennis in my spare time.

> JavaScript ES6, Dart Lang, Coffescript, Vue, Meteor, Ruby, Rails, HTML5, Slim, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap/Foundation/Chocolate, Capybara, Intern, Jenkins, Java, C#, Objective C, Source Code Management (GIT + SVN), Bower, Unity3D, Open Frameworks, Processing, MAX MSP, VPT7, Adobe Creative Suite, Autocad, Revit, Oculus Rift, META SpaceGlass.

Other Interests
-Formula One

Github: imRohan
Dribbble: imRohan
LinkedIn: rohan-likhite
Twitter: @rohanlikhite
Medium: @RohanLikhite

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