04 Apr 2015

Another CSS Front-End Framework?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been building, quite possibly, the worlds most pretentious front-end css framework. (Eat it Tyler Brûlé). Chocolate is a lightweight, responsive front-end, that is wrapped in a “swiss” (or international) design style. Inspired by the modernist graphic design movement which rose to popularity in the 1950’s, this framework was built from the ground up with the twelve-column grid system in mind.

Here is a live demo


Chocolate is a responsive CSS framework which is not only lightweight and highly customizable, but also very simple to use. Built on top of SASS, Chocolate ships as standard CSS but can also be compiled from source. Like many frameworks out there, I implemented a 12 column grid system to organize and align content. The grids are sized to replicate print material which I sourced for inspiration. In addition to the basic grid, I’ve also included a few essential components such as buttons, tables, and image helper classes.

Get Started

You can download Chocolate through Bower

bower install chocolate

or visit this website to download the zip archive.


This is an ongoing project of mine which I will actively contribute to when I have the time. More component modules will be added in the coming weeks. And as always contributions are more than welcome. If you would like to learn more about the design style, Smashing Magazine published this lovely article on it a few years ago. I’d love to hear any feedback, suggestions, pull requests, issues, bugs, complaints, abuse or otherwise.

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